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Amaran Cumarasamy

Co-Founder, Director – BM BS Medicine

Globalisation and the complexities of the ever-shifting global burden of disease necessitate fostering a wider, more inclusive multi-disciplinary global health community encompassing the social sciences and medicine at its core. A range of experiences in healthcare settings around the world, have instilled the importance of advocating for the right to health within the broader context of sustainable development. The 2nd annual Global Health and Development Conference will build on last year’s success and is geared towards providing both an academic and practical avenue into pressing yet neglected global health matters. 

Kieran Wilkie

Co-Founder, Media & Press Manager – BA Economics and International Development

Global health is a crucial aspect of development and personal well-being, but in order to combat the ever-present issues surrounding global health an interdisciplinary approach needs to be adopted. This has become increasingly self-evident through both my academic and professional experiences in dealing with this complex issue. This is the aim of the annual Global Health and Development Conference. This year’s conference will build on the success of the inaugural conference, providing a platform for students and young professionals to engage with leading, contemporary thinkers and practitioners to address the critical, yet often neglected, global health issues of the modern era.

Charlotte Swope

Secretary – BA Geography and International Development

Sussex University inspires ambitious change-makers, and that is exactly what this unique conference is about. I attended the inaugural conference in 2016 and left it excited to make a real difference in global health, especially in relation to developing countries. Lack of adequate and accessible healthcare can be a major development barrier for many developing countries so it is an important area to be rapidly researching and improving. I am passionate about development and hope to work in that sector in the future.

Maurice Jangulo

Finance Manager – LLB Law with International Relations

Passionate about all things development. Having had the privilege of travelling extensively in Africa. I am aware that our world is dangerously out of balance. The gaps in health outcomes, within and between countries, are greater now than at any time in recent history. On the one hand, it is deplorable that we are able to harness human ingenuity to send someone to the moon yet people are still dying of malaria. Whilst on the other hand, I am optimistic that affordable and practical healthcare will be available in the not so distant future.

Evie Davies

Conference Manager – BA International Development

My interest in global health was sparked at last year’s conference and I was lucky enough to spend some time volunteering at a health and sanitation INGO over the summer. The conference brings together a wide spectrum of research and experience to encourage and celebrate collaborative knowledge sharing. Mental health, nutrition and water sanitation are all so fundamental to fruitful human life but often their importance is ignored yet their effects are deep rooted and wide spread. Our aim is to inspire and empower delegates to understand the issues deeper and be able to take action is productive ways.

Johnathan Akindutire

Deputy Conference Manager – LLB Law with International Relations

It is registered in many minds that we cannot solve the world’s problems. However, I thoroughly believe that if we make Global Health a Global Agenda we are not far off. Global Health has only arrived recently on my agenda list. My heart has always been fixed on the growing conflicts and poverty in underdeveloped countries. Nevertheless, I have come to realise during my undergraduate study in the area of international relations that poor healthcare is the underlying reason for poverty. In some underdeveloped countries healthcare doesn’t exist. This is why I joined the conference; to better my understanding on key Global Health issues and because I trust that we have begun a platform that will raise awareness around Global Health and provide solutions within the modern world.

Catherine Rice-Williams

Impact Officer – MA Poverty and Development

The experiences I have gained from visiting many different countries, studying Geography and International Development at undergraduate level, and studying for an MA in Poverty and Development have made me increasingly aware of the integral importance of health as a factor for measuring development. I am excited to be a part of the conference as it provides a platform through which individuals from a variety of backgrounds can come together, share knowledge and join together to come up with practical real-time solutions to some of the problems that societies are facing right now.

James Shorey

Branding Officer – BA Economics and International Development

I am no exception to those Welshmen that tend to canonise Aneurin Bevan. A framed picture that hangs on my wall acts as reminder, not only of struggle and achievement in health provision but one that health should be primitive to any political, academic or practical action. The belief that global health should serve as the universal common denominator for developmental processes and theoretical frameworks demands an aperture for those preparing to invest in the most challenging health issues. It is the ability and hope of the conference to serve the aims of people willing to do so and what better place than this institution.

Raphaëlle Vanden Bemden

Marketing Officer – BA International Relations and International Development

My interest in global health has been increasing since the beginning of my degree, especially when looking at the ways ‘developing countries’ struggle with preventable diseases and medical practices that are common in Western countries. I have come to realise that these struggles result from structural inequalities caused by political and economic instability and the lack of resources. During my stay in Uganda I witnessed the extent to which the lack of healthcare provision reduces opportunities for wellbeing, development and sustainability and I truly believe the first step forward is to educate people with platforms like this one. By emphasising the urgency to tackle global issues such as water sanitation, mental health and nutrition through professional perspectives, we can hopefully inspire people to take action. I am incredibly proud to be a part of this adventure.

Jessica Mével

Social Media Officer – MA Globalisation, Business and Development

I have always been interested in global health, and that interest only grew more and more when I did my undergraduate degree in International Development at the University of Sussex. Especially during my second year when doing the “Health, Poverty an Inequality” module. Which is why last year I got involved in the organisation of the first Global Health and Development Conference at the University of Sussex, and am part of the committee again this year. When organising and attending the conference I learnt so many more aspects of global health. It is a fascinating matter than is constantly changing.