28-29th April 2018  |  University of Sussex

The Annual Sussex Global Health and Development Conference encompasses discussions, analysis and expert insight on contemporary global health matters and inspiring action on the local, national and global stage. Following the success of the 2017 conference, we are pleased to announce the next edition will take place on 28-29th April 2018.

Collective action towards tackling inequities in global health continue to highlight the array of factors driving disparities in health, disability, disease and healthcare provision around the world. Emerging from within a climate of growing health securitisation, such movements place an increasing focus on the rights-based arguments for healthcare and the entitlement to good health.

The well publicised magic bullets in contemporary western medicine are all too frequently extending the healthy lives of the wealthy few, while many millions sicken and die for lack of fundamental health and social facilities, typically impeded by ineffective and non-responsive political systems.

Globalisation has meant that the health of an individual, no matter where in the world, is determined by a variety of inextricable factors. There is a collective need among both professional and civil society communities to better understand the social context of health, and in turn, harness the opportunities for social policies designed to improve the health of individuals and populations.

Improving global health requires a new generation of individuals who understand the many complex dimensions of health, global institutions and conflicting agendas as well as an ability to navigate the ethical complexities of development and health in a changing world.

This year’s conference entitled Global Health and Social Justice: Tackling the Root Causes of Inequity will encompass a range of key topics from critical, analytical and comparative perspectives including climate change justice, reproductive rights, neo-liberalism and health, universal health coverage, development ethics, sustainable health systems among many others.

Staged across two engaging and informative days in April, this year’s event will feature over 50 guest speakers representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds in global health, politics, international relations, human rights and international development. The weekend will focus on a selection of key issues informed by experienced colleagues in the field, delivered through plenary sessions, panel discussions, breakout sessions, small-group seminars and film screenings. We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Sussex this Spring.

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