15-16th April 2016  |  University of Sussex

Global Health has recently emerged on the scene as one of the most exciting, ambitious and innovative branches of medicine and international development. Connecting people, professionsand industries in its own unique way, it has rapidly climbed the social and professional agenda,capturing the zeitgeist of newer generations as we become ever more connected and aware of thehealth needs of people all around the world.

Here at the University of Sussex School of Global Studies and the Brighton & Sussex Medical School we are fortunate to have a vast array of world-renowned leaders, experts and pioneers eachcontributing to improving global health from their own respective fields. We are also privileged to have the support of the Institute of Development Studies, the Wellcome Trust Centre for Global Health Research and the Sussex Centre for Global Health Policy and it brings us much joy to have them supporting us in this collaborative.

The focus of the 2016 conference is on ‘Practical Healthcare Initiatives’ where we aim to recognisesome of the biggest challenges in global healthcare provision and translate that knowledge intoaction and practice, whilst identifying and creating awareness of the neglected aspects of globalhealth which we feel deserve a wider audience.

It is with tremendous anticipation that we are joined by an inspiring selection of speakers and guest contributors and hope that their experiences and insights can help inspire continued progress in the field, challenging the status quo in pursuit of creating equitable healthcare provision for all. We are honoured to have our three esteemed keynote speakers, Sir Eldryd Parry, Robin Gorna and Seth Cochran whom we have chosen for their remarkable breadth of experience and flair for innovation. On behalf of the Sussex International Development Society, Brighton & Sussex Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières and the Global Health and Development Conference Working Group, we welcomeyou to this event and are excited about the new ideas this community will develop in the years to come.

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